Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) – All You Need to Know

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

Nicotine replacement therapy is one of the slow and reliable therapy for smoking cessation, which was developed first and approved pharmacological treatment for aiding the smoking cessation. The therapy was endorsed and approved by the Food and drug administration (FDA) later and it is considered to be one of the safe Nicotine Replacement therapy available.

nicotine replacement theraphy
Nicotine replacement therapy reliable therapy for smoking cessation

However, Nicotine gum, which is considered as an alternative to the nicotine replacement therapy, came first in the year 1984 and later Nicotine patch was developed.

Both Nicotine Patch and Nicotine gum were made available all over the country for the easy reach of the victim. In the same year, the solution for smoking cessation came in the form of a sprayer and inhaler in the year 1998.

NIcotine patch for Nicotine replacement therapy

Is Nicotine replacement therapy an eyewash?

By no means is nicotine replacement therapy is an eyewash. The victims of nicotine, who would like to get rid of this bad habit often given myth by the others, as the Nicotine replacement therapy is of no use or it’s of a Business point of view.

But, here, the principle of this therapy is something like

“Diamond cuts Diamond “


“You need to search where you lost”

The above two saying matches the therapy by all means, as the Nicotine is in fact used in an advisable dose to flush out the nicotine that has contaminated your body.

Though, the nicotine replacement therapy is effective, it is a time taking process. One has to follow the instruction from the physician and to be in self-control.

The therapy takes time to cure the receptors in your brain that are craving for the Nicotine. Getting those things under control takes time and one should tolerate to gain back their precious life.

You may feel hard to leave NRT

Since you are using nicotine to reduce the effect of Addiction, finally you may feel hard to get rid of the Nicotine replacement therapy itself. However, the amount you will depend on will be far lower than the previous level.

The Nicotine course will gradually reduce the concentration of the active ingredient through weeks and months.

The Nicotine replacement therapy can in this situation be regarded as sword sharpen at either side. One has to be specific in undergoing this therapy and at times it may require to consult a physician, if not desire to leave the medication.

Trust and patience improve NRT

Patience associated with the Nicotine replacement therapy can be far more effective than taking the course with no faith and perseverance.

The victim should feel the improvement and tell oneself that he is getting better day by day. The psychological support and the auto suggestion will get you to the new path of life.

Nothing will work, unless you start doing it.

No Pain no gain.

You made a mistake by learning smoking, it’s your turn to stop.

Don’t curse yourself for this, rather, talk to yourself and start building faith on Nicotine replacement therapy.

How far the NRT is a good choice and Successful?

NRT is always a good choice to quit smoking and recommended as per your smoking habit. The only risk point is that, the user should hold the control over the NRT to quit the therapy after the course duration.

Before starting the therapy, consult a doctor. Talk to the doctor with an open mind. NRT had cured countless peoples and still continues to cure and proven to be the best choice of treatment.

The only check box you should have in your mind is to follow the instruction from the physician and the manufactures and think and act positively to NRT.

Apart from this, the nicotine used in the NRT is much better than the raw cigarettes and other forms of tobacco.

Types of NRT

During the course of this Nicotine Therapy, the nicotine patch is used once in a day while the other NRT may take more usage.

For example, in the case of nicotine addiction, the smokers might be advised to stick on to a particular number of chewing gum, which eventually becomes hard to maintain.

Which means, the usage may exceed the recommended number of gum.

Nicotine Patch

The most and widely use to stop smoking aid is the Nicotine patch. Is appears like a small, square shaped, white or mat color bandage. The patch contains an adhesive site, which is used to stick on the hairless body parts like upper arm or leg.

Nicotine patch comes in three dosages categorized them in milligrams (mg), according to the recommendations.

Nicotine replacement therapy

For example,

If you are using less than ten cigarettes per day, then you will be advised to take the 7mg patch. If you are using more than 25 cigarettes a day, then the mg gets raised, based on nicotine required for the therapy.

One has to take up the nicotine patch from 6 to 20 weeks, based on the treatment course.

Nicotine gum

After the nicotine patch, nicotine gum is widely used for smoking cessation, which even comes in a number of flavors. The gum comes in two strengths as it is available for the nicotine patch.

The strength recommended is based on how many cigarettes you smoke a day.

Nicotine gums are commonly directed to use, when the smoker feels the desire strongly to smoke.

After chewing for a while, the nicotine gum is placed between the cheek and gum, which will provide the nicotine to cure the craving.

The process of chewing a while and keeping the gum aside in the mouth is repeated for 30 min.

Some time it may become hard to get rid of the nicotine gum usage as it resembles the usage of tobacco to place between the gum and cheek.

 Nicotine Lozengens

The Nicotine lozenges are something that is different from the other aids, since the usage is more as per the craving need of the Ex-smoker. It is actually like a pill or a candy like tablet, and the nicotine victim is asked to put in between the cheek and gum, which slowly gets dissolved.

If you are diabetic or who needs no sweetness for your body, then the good news here is the Nicotine lozenges are sugar free and are available in many flavors.

Nicotine Inhaler

The Nicotine inhaler is something like that, we use for the breathing congestion (like Asthalin puffs). It appears like a small cylinder tube, inside which harbors a Nicotine cartridge. The cartridge may eventually last for 20 minutes and equals a cigarette.

Yes, the mechanism is just the same that is being used for the regular puffs.

The victim takes up the puff from the mouthpiece and the vapor reaches the lungs and the nicotine is delivered into the bloodstream.

Note: to buy Nicotine Inhaler, one has to produce the physician’s prescription

 Nicotine Nasal Spray

The name itself is self-explanatory to the user.

The Nasal spray comes with a nicotine solution, which is sprayed inside the nostrils.

The spray delivered into the nostrils finally reaches the bloodstream as usual.

Note: The number of times to be used and the dosage must be decided by the Doctor.

quit smoking take Nicotine replacement therapy

Why Nicotine is used in Nicotine replacement therapy?

The usage of nicotine to cease the nicotine craving may seem bad and fake.

But, remember, diamond cut diamond.

There are a number of advantages in the usage of Nicotine in the NRT. Firstly, you are going to avoid the other obnoxious chemical substances that are being as a major ingredient in the cigarettes.

NRT is like helping you to lower and lower and lower your nicotine intake gradually and to stop taking nicotine completely at one point.

Moreover, this therapy was developed and approved legally and is considered to be the effective and first

Totally, there are 4,000 numbers of chemical compounds are present in one cigarette and you are going to evade all such additional chemicals. And, the major problem in quitting the nicotine or smoking relies on how you are going to manage the cravings.

For example, think of this situation.

When you find a person who is friendly to you in your office is back stabbing you, how would you react to it?

Telling the person directly on his face may lead to a bad consequences.

Rather, decide yourself that you are going to end the relationship with him, but, without the knowledge of him. Now, you will slowly stop the activities you have been with that person, for example, going out with him for coffee or not leaving the office together and etc.,.

This will slowly make the opponent to understand that you started avoiding it, and eventually will used to that.

Same, in the nicotine replacement therapy, when you stop using the nicotine, which you have been craving for years, might lead you to quit the NRT itself, rather the smoking.

Hence, using the nicotine in the prescribed format can help you to slowly forget about the smoking and the addiction. In the other words, it is like making you to get satisfied with the reduced amount of nicotine compared to the previous you.

How about using the Quit smoking aids while you are undergoing NRT?

Well, if you are thinking this question in your mind, then there is a lot more chance that, you are in the proper area to quit the smoking.

This means that, you are already undergoing the NRT and you want to enhance the percentage of healing by adding the other quit smoking aid.

For this, you may be suggested with Chantix or Zyban, however, the choice is not yours, but your doctor’s.

Always do consult your doctor before getting into the action.

Can you smoke when you are under Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

It is always better and advised not to smoke, while you are under Nicotine replacement therapy. One has to understand that, the NRT itself is delivering the nicotine the victim is craving for and not something else.

Thinking that, nicotine patch is something different from smoking and puffing cigarettes of any form will put you at risk.

This is, generally, due to the over dosage of Nicotine and as a consequence, you will may get the following condition.

  • Vomiting sensation
  • One side or headache
  • Anxiety
  • Increased heart beat
  • Poor vision
  • Sweating abnormally

Quit Nicotine replacement therapy and consult your doctor in case of experiencing the above said conditions.

How to make the NRT more effective along with nicotine patch?

Controlling your mind from taking nicotine is the foremost key in the NRT. Though you use nicotine patches, taking a counselling or a mental support will definitely double the rate of therapeutic benefits.

Keeping calm and focussed will help you to quit the smoking sooner. Change your friends circle and hang out with those people who does not smoke or smoke very less.

Keep yourself happy that get cured day by day.