Is nicotine patch addictive?

Is nicotine patch addictive?

The nicotine patch is one of the effective and inexpensive quit smoking aid, which are easily available over the OTC and can be used by any. If you ask, whether the nicotine patch itself is addictive, then the answer is yes, the nicotine patch itself is addictive, if not properly utilized.

Is nicotine patch addictive
Doctor Applying Nicotine Patch

Though, you should not get addicted to the nicotine patch, getting addicted to nicotine patch is less harm than getting addicted to the nicotine which you get through smoking.

This is because the nicotine present in the cigarettes contains more than hundred toxic chemicals which are being ingested through smoking.

Whereas, in the case of nicotine patch, it is a controlled incorporation of nicotine into your body, which is for the purpose of curing your nicotine craving feel.

Also, the ultimate aim in the usage of the nicotine patch is to completely get rid of your Nicotine thirst.

Know that, the nicotine patch is considered to be one of the best quit smoking aid under the Nicotine replacement therapy.

Addiction to nicotine patch

How not to be addicted to the Nicotine Patch?

  • Consult your doctor first. Feel free to discuss about your thought on applying nicotine patch. Your doctor will help you the most in this situation.


  • Choose the right choice of Nicotine patch. Categorize yourself first whether are you a chain smoker, a moderate or your smoking is still under your control.


  • Based on this, you may be advice with different concentration of Nicotine patch, ranging in different mg (7mg, 14 mg and 21 mg)


  • Do not smoke while you have a nicotine patch applied to you. This will eventually increase the nicotine content in your body and takes different action.


  • Eventually it’s all in you. When you have decided to quit smoking, you need to be under control. Focus on your behavior. Try to gradually decrease the concentration (mg) of the patch and make it to zero.


  • If you feel you were not able to stop using the patch, consult your doctor immediately.

How does the Nicotine in the Patch differ from Nicotine in the Cigarette?

The basic thing about the nicotine patch and nicotine in the cigarette are same. But, spiking or the incorporation of nicotine in your body differs.

When you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine reaches your lungs and gets entered into the blood stream later and reaches the brain. Here, the receptor that is specific for the nicotine binding receives the nicotine and satisfies your smoking crave.

A similar approach is also seen in the nicotine patch application.

So, what make the difference between the good and bad is that, you are free to smoke, so that you smoke a lot without restriction. As a result, the number of cigarette or the repetition of smoking keeps on increasing every time.

Addiction to nicotine patch

The worst part is, you will get adapted to the current level of smoking and start smoking more than the before. This keeps on increasing, as the nicotine level gets adapted every time.

Eventually, the receptor of your brain becomes more and stronger to get more nicotine and you will not be able to fall short and get trapped into the nicotine addiction.

In case of Nicotine patch, the nicotine is administrated into your body in the steady and constant level. As your brain receives a constant level of nicotine, it is under the control about the nicotine crave.

Once your craving is maintained at 21mg level of nicotine patch, the concentration of the nicotine is reduced to 14mg and then to 7 mg.

This then gradually reduced as you get adapt your brain without the incorporation of the nicotine itself.

To be more precise, in the addiction part of the nicotine, you are trained to increase the level of nicotine by yourself (7mg to 14 mg to 21mg). But, in Nicotine replacement therapy, you are trained to decrease the nicotine level from 21mg to 14mg to 7mg. And, the common part here is the nicotine.